Ethics for A Past Situation

William Buck and James Pendleton viewed the issue of slavery in two different lights. Buck saw the issue as permissible and positively acknowledged by the accounts of Scripture. Pendleton saw the issue as deeply condemnable and views Buck’s applications of Scripture to be inherently wrong considering the issue at hand. I believe that Buck was... Continue Reading →


Ethical Response for a Future Situation

Below is a hypothetical situation given to me for my Ethics class. I was to be a pastor addressing a church member who would be leaving for a galactic mission. He believes he has the opportunity to escape sexual immorality by utilizing a synthetic robot designed for sexual relations. This robot could be designed in... Continue Reading →

5 Key Baptist Figures

Southern Baptists have a long line of key figures that have shaped the way the denomination is today. These individuals’ faith has endured sufferings and trials that have produced a peculiar glory. Today, Southern Baptists are who they are because of the faithfulness of those who have gone before them. This paper will discuss five... Continue Reading →

History of the Baptists Pt. 2

In History of the Baptists Pt. 1, I left off with the churches being established in the South. The first Baptist church in the south was founded in 1639 in Charleston, SC. They would become a large church and eventually also becoming the Charleston Baptist Association. This would be the second association established while Philadelphia... Continue Reading →

History of the Baptists Pt. 1

I have identified myself as a Baptist my whole life. My dad and mom were Baptists so...I guess it just came natural. I know that John was a Baptist. I know that Jesus was baptized. So, naturally, I should be a Baptist as well, right? Yet, I am embarrassed to say that I didn't know... Continue Reading →

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